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Suspension Training for Golf

Balance with Suspension Ropes

Balance, core strength and mutli-directional movement and stability are all fundamental functions for golfers. As part of each phase of our programming, we utilize the Bodhi Suspension System to help enhance the feedback and body's response to these areas.

Balance: The instability of the ropes result in the body adjusting to stay stable and fire muscle patterns to achieve this. At the same time, for those who have a hard time with balance, having the ropes to use for feedback allows for some assistance in the movement.

Core Strength: When working against gravity ( with correct posture and form), the auto response of the body with the suspension training is a quicker core engagement with less need to "tell the muscle to work". This is highly beneficial when many people have a difficult time finding the connection certain muscles and movement patterns.

Multi-Directional Movement: Since we have 4 points of suspension with the Bodhi System, our ability to work, aid and challenge multi-directional movement and multi-joint movements is increased. Since golf is a sport that your body goes through multiple planes of motion throughout the swing, this becomes imperative training.

Stability: By having the feedback from the ropes, you are able to generate a quicker stability response. What this means for the golfer is being able to engage and utilize the musculature with less delay and quicker firing patterns.

As always with all of our golf fitness programming, we first screen our golfers to see what areas they need the most attention to utilizing the TPI Screen and KVest Swing Analysis. Then, with this information we build an individually tailored program that will provide maximum results.

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