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FAQ and Program Details


We offer Private and Semi-Private Pilates based sessions focusing on your specific needs and goals. We specialize in working with injuries, conditions, and sports performance.

Sports Fitness
The Program Set up:
2 hour detailed session with movement screens to reveal any imbalances affecting your game. These results will be used to build your program. During the session you will have movement analysis including: functional movement screen, posture assessment, gait analysis, and 3-D biofeedback and analysis. This also includes a follow up re-assessment as well as a detailed outline of the results.
The program:
We have 3 levels to choose from:
* Unlimited Gold Member* 
                Unlimited Private Sessions
* Platinum Member* 
                12 Private Sessions/Month
* Silver Member* 
                8 Private Sport Specific Sessions/Month

* All memberships include re-assessments every 6-8 weeks** Your program will be adjusting accordingly.

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